E X E is a new brand, fresh into the world of fashion, having its foundations in the EU, Romania, Constanta City. Today E X E is finding its self at the beginning of a long journey that will most definitely be filled with major accomplishments.

At the core of the E X E project lays the willingness of being actively involved throughout all the stages a fashion garment is going through, starting with the fabric acquisition, continuing with the transformation of this fabric into a final garment and culminating with commercializing them in retail within modern locations, designed according to the E X E style.

By controlling all the stages a garment goes through, we can make sure that we offer our customers only high quality products, an aspect that most of the big retailers nowadays have forgotten about. 

This is why now E X E is implementing a new type of fashion strategy, manufacturing limited series of each garment. Thus, for every article that is exposed in our shops, all the sizes that can be found are small, medium, large and one size. All E X E garments are limited. What we are creating is not mass produced so that our customers can enjoy the uniqueness of the garments that they have purchased.
The E X E brand is guided by the principle of cost control with the purpose of being able to give back to the customers high quality garments at reasonable prices. In order to do so, E X E has an in-house production, sealing its products through its own E X E stores and also on its own online-shop  www.EXEstore.co.uk.
Presently, E X E is taking into consideration new opportunities of expanding its activity not only regarding the diversification of the garments in the collections to come by including new items made of denim fabric, but also, expanding the company by opening new shops. We want to be able to offer our customers the best shopping experience when they decide to visit any of the E X E stores, even on its online version.

Hoping we have gained your interest and attention, we are more than glad to welcome you on our online shop 

Furthermore, we are waiting for your feedback and suggestions at our e-mail address